Pfizer airs ads for breast cancer drug Ibrance | How agency and consultancy rivalry is disrupting marketing | Cancer, rheumatoid arthritis drugs among 8 to watch in 2017
May 26, 2017
SmartBrief for Health Care Marketers
Agency Update
Pfizer airs ads for breast cancer drug Ibrance
Pfizer has released the first television ad for its breast cancer drug Ibrance after the FDA approved a competitor from Novartis. The ad, titled "Julie's New Normal," shows a woman diagnosed with breast cancer engaging in everyday activities
FiercePharma (5/24) 
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How agency and consultancy rivalry is disrupting marketing
There's a reckoning coming between traditional ad agencies and consultancies, and the martech and adtech firms that will prevail are those that can demonstrate a long-term strategy for delivering solutions to businesses, Dave Helmreich writes. "[T]he winners of the future will be those agencies and consultancies that can understand" and deliver "identity-driven, people-based marketing," he writes.
VentureBeat (5/23) 
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Case study: A Model for Data Driven Physician Outreach
Providers around the country are competing for patient volume to sustain their organizations. Physician outreach programs can be inefficient and wasteful if they aren't targeting the right kind of practitioners. Learn how one provider developed precision physician outreach using claims data.
Trends, Research & Stats
Cancer, rheumatoid arthritis drugs among 8 to watch in 2017
Cancer and rheumatoid arthritis medications are among eight drugs projected to have the highest sales in the next four years, according to Clarivate Analytics' Cortellis Competitive Intelligence. The list includes Genentech and Roche's Ocrevus, or ocrelizumab; Regeneron's Dupixent, or dupilumab; AstraZeneca's Imfinzi, or durvalumab; and Incyte and Eli Lilly and Co.'s Olumiant, or baricitinib.
Drug Topics (5/22) 
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Study: Consumers don't like brands to get political
Fifty-eight percent of consumers don't like brands to take a political stance, according to a survey from the 4A's and SSRS, yet 67% of agency executives feel that changing values in the country are making brands take more of an interest in values-driven marketing. The 4A's Chief Marketing Officer Alison Fahey noted that few consumers make purchases based on positive messaging, saying that "[c]onsumers are not looking to brands to take a position on political or social issues."
Adweek (5/25),  MediaPost Communications (5/25),  The Drum (Scotland) (5/24) 
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Voices from the Inside
Survey: Majority of Americans say primary care leads to better health
Data from a Health is Primary survey showed 86% of Americans said primary care results in healthier patients, better quality of care and lower costs. The survey showed 89% of respondents said it is important for patients to have a relationship with a physician who knows their health and medical history, and 91% said it is important for health care to be affordable.
AAFP News (5/23) 
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Interactive Ads & Technology
Ad-wary Gen Z embraces vertical videos
Generation Z decisively rejects most digital ad formats, with more than two-thirds of them actively avoiding ads on their devices. However, video formatted for vertical viewing is the exception and the likely future of mobile marketing, writes Chris Innes.
Advertising Age (5/23) 
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Policy Pulse
Contrave ad spurs FDA warning letter
Orexigen Therapeutics' Contrave DTC ad received the FDA's Office of Prescription Drug Promotion's first untitled letter of 2017, which cites a failure to include all pertinent risk information. The "Your Brain" ad, according to the FDA, advises avoiding opioid use while on the drug but does not list all conditions for which the treatment is contraindicated.
Medical Marketing & Media (5/24) 
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Proposed Calif. law to limit pharma spending on physicians advances
A bill in California would outlaw many payments to physicians from drugmakers, including speaking fees for drugmaker slideshows during dinner and pharma-funded dinners more expensive than $250 per person per year. The bill was approved last week by the state senate, and is similar to legislation in Massachusetts, Vermont and Minnesota.
FiercePharma (5/22) 
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Industry Insight
Video: Badgers praises Cannes for addressing female objectification
Badger & Winters' Madonna Badgers explains in this video why Cannes' new guidelines for jurors to watch out for female objectification in ads are important for the industry. "It sends such a strong message that women need to be portrayed as equal in advertising," she says.
The Drum (Scotland) (5/23) 
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An anonymous view of agency culture
An anonymous view of agency culture
An anonymous veteran agency employee talks about the culture of overworking in advertising, how this leads to job hopping and why flexible working exists only on paper. "[T]hey aren't seen as people who will rise to the top," the employee says of parents who leave at a reasonable hour.
Digiday (5/25) 
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Coalition News
Pricing issue is hot topic at CHC Rising Leaders Conference
The stakes are high when it comes to drug pricing reforms, not just for life sciences companies, but also for all types of medical marketers and media, according to commentary from Coalition for Healthcare Communication Executive Director John Kamp, posted today to the organization's website. Participants at last week's CHC Rising Leaders Conference on Healthcare Policy in D.C. heard from several speakers about the possibility of drug price controls. "The stakes are high, not just for life sciences companies, but also for all types of medical marketers and media," Kamp wrote. "If pricing flexibility is constrained, drug company spending on marketing, media and sales support will also follow suit." Read more.
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With the upstart consulting agencies on the scene, we're already hearing about how established ad agencies feel: Some are nervous, some aren't.
Dave Helmreich, chief operating officer of LiveIntent, on the rivalry between ad agencies and consultancies. Read more from VentureBeat.
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