What to consider before adding to your product | Aura wants to use consumers' idle computing resources | Startups employ forward-looking approach to credit
February 16, 2018
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What to consider before adding to your product
Always consider you company's "North Star" when deciding whether it makes sense to add a particular feature to your product, writes Karl Clement. Plan for the future during the development phase, but recognize that you may not need to use buzzed-about technology such as machine learning to accomplish your goals.
Medium (2/12) 
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Why You Should Avoid Toxic Coworkers
A "spillover effect" from work neighbors can boost our productivity—or jeopardize our employment. Learn more through research from Kellogg School of Management Professor Dylan Minor.
Today In Startups
Aura wants to use consumers' idle computing resources
A startup called Aura lets consumers earn rewards in computer games for allowing the company to use their idle computing power. That computing power will be used to fuel the Aura Network, which is focused on addressing issues with blockchain technology.
VentureBeat (2/15) 
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Startups employ forward-looking approach to credit
Startups are challenging the traditional backward-looking approach used by the major credit bureaus with new techniques that rely on big data and machine learning. RevolutionCredit, for example, uses financial literacy quizzes and games to gather information.
Fast Company online (2/15) 
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Make Your Startup Better
Why flexibility is key in performance management
Effective performance management systems should empower employees, align structure and processes, and identify measurable goals, says Betterment CEO Jon Stein. Staying flexible is crucial, as there will always be opportunities to make incremental improvements to a management system.
First Round Review (2/15) 
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The downside of doing an ICO
Holding an initial coin offering will dilute your equity in the company, even if it isn't immediately apparent how this happens, writes Eden Shochat of Aleph VC. An ICO may eliminate the possibility of performing an initial public offering at a later date, so "follow-on financing is yet another one of the areas that will need to be figured out in the token economy," he writes.
Forbes (2/15) 
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Funding, IPOs and Acquisitions
When Entrepreneurs Fail
Take responsibility for startup performance
Entrepreneurs often blame external circumstances when their businesses go bust, but the reasons for startup failure are often within their control, writes Eric Paley, managing partner at Founder Collective. "The best way to detect rationalization is to figure out whether a founder is earnestly searching for answers to problems or is quick to explain away why the problems aren't important," he notes.
TechCrunch (2/15) 
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Many, many engineers will try to build their application to handle millions of users when they haven't launched a product yet.
Karl Clement of CoVenture VC, writing at Medium
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