Students make global connections with digital projects | Will Ofsted report lead to less play in early learning? | Australian state raises bar for teachers
17 January 2018
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Learning and Teaching
Students make global connections with digital projects
Students make global connections with digital projects
Digital tools and technologies offer students meaningful, "in the moment" connections to people, places and issues that extend far beyond where they live, writes Cathy Collins, a Chinese exchange programme coordinator in a Massachusetts school district. In this blog post, Collins highlights examples of global collaboration projects that have engaged students in real-world problem-solving while learning about other cultures.
Education Week (tiered subscription model) (08 Jan.) 
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Will Ofsted report lead to less play in early learning?
Ofsted recently published a report calling for more focus on reading and maths in early learning. The report has drawn criticism from some, including experts in early-years education, parents and teachers, who say the report could result in less play-based learning in Year One programmes.
The Guardian (London) (16 Jan.) 
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Online Learning at Harvard for PreK-12 Educators
Professional Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education is pleased to offer the fall series of online workshops for preK–12 educators. Grounded in day-to-day teaching and leadership practice, these workshops are designed with flexibility and accessibility in mind. Learn more.
Professional Development
Australian state raises bar for teachers
Fewer students in Victoria, Australia, are pursuing degrees in teaching since the state published new standards for seeking the credential. Victorian Education Minister James Merlino says the higher standard will help to raise the bar for teaching and learning.
The Age (Melbourne, Australia) (16 Jan.) 
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Other News
Hands-on science in a digital world
Science education is no longer confined to the pages of a textbook. Students are interacting with science concepts through physical objects and digital platforms, and using this knowledge to solve real-world issues. Get insights for making this work in your classroom in this SmartFocus on Hands-on Science.
Leadership and Governance
Kenya education pilot focuses on workforce needs
Students could see more emphasis on science, technology, engineering and maths as well as skills and vocational training in schools under a new pilot programme. The changes aim to better prepare students for the job market.
Voice of America (12 Jan.) 
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Other News
Do social media policies need to be new?
Do social media policies need to be new?
School leaders may not need to create new policies and procedures to govern social media use, suggests Tanner Higgin, director of education editorial strategy at Common Sense Education. Instead, he writes in this commentary, social media can be seamlessly included in existing policies in four main ways.
eSchool News (free registration) (16 Jan.) 
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Interest Area Spotlight
Multiyear study considers STEM teaching practices
Researchers at Michigan State University are leading a multiyear study that could have implications on how science, technology, engineering and maths is taught in colleges and universities worldwide. Researchers will consider best STEM teaching practices, among other things.
WLNS-TV (Lansing, Mich.) (12 Jan.) 
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2018 ECIS Leadership Conference
The Language and Design of Learning, 4-7 April 2018, Hotel Palace Berlin. Registration for the conference is now open -- visit here.
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Managing and Embracing Conflict - Places still available
American School in London, 10-11 February 2018. What vital work must leaders do to manage and embrace conflict in their professional lives? During this course you will learn to identify conflict when it happens, as well as your role and responsibility in it. Come away with new strategies and explore why conversations are so important in conflict. We will also look at approaches to prepare for, engage in, manage conflicts ... and indeed avoid them. Book here to secure your space.
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