Facebook ventures into consumer devices, hardware | Google Cloud's speech-to-text technology leaps forward | Microsoft adjusts Translator to work offline
April 19, 2018
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Facebook ventures into consumer devices, hardware
Facebook ventures into consumer devices, hardware
(Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
Facebook is venturing beyond social media into hardware, with plans to develop its own custom chips for its data centers, artificial intelligence software and consumer devices. Virtual reality headsets and connected speakers are among its potential offerings for consumers.
The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (4/18) 
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Technology & Trends
Google Cloud's speech-to-text technology leaps forward
Google Cloud's speech-to-text service is moving forward with upgrades in its transcription and punctuation capabilities. The most recent upgrade includes modules designed specifically for transcribing video and phone calls.
TechTarget (free registration) (4/18) 
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Microsoft adjusts Translator to work offline
Microsoft Translator is making some of its machine learning capabilities available to users even when they do not have an internet connection on their devices, alleviating a common challenge among travelers. The feature does not require an artificial intelligence chip and offers a more humanlike experience, according to the company.
TechCrunch (4/18) 
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Report: Interconnected mobile devices will force businesses to adjust
A report by Forrester Research makes the case that mobile devices operating in an interconnected ecosystem are the future of business. The report also found that only 43% of businesses are investing enough money in their digital platforms for customers, and it gives five recommendations on how to keep up with the competition.
TechRepublic (4/18) 
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IT Channel
AT&T: Fiber is key to 5G, partner opportunities
At the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, AT&T channel chief Zee Hussain talked about fiber's importance for 5G technology and partner opportunities. Fiber enables partners to offer a range of services to their customers, he says, and is making it possible for AT&T to deploy 5G services in 12 markets in 2018.
Channel Futures (4/18) 
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IT Workforce
Experts offer advice on building in security during development
Experts offer advice on building in security during development
Tech experts open up with 15 tips for building in cybersecurity during the development process. Tips include incorporating threat modeling, knowing where to devote time and resources, and fostering a culture of cybersecurity throughout the company.
Forbes (4/18) 
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Policy Watch
FCC takes step toward crackdown on gear seen as security threat
Federal regulators are moving to prevent vendors whose gear and services purportedly pose security threats from doing business with companies that receive broadband subsidies. The Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday sent out a rule for comment without specifying a country, but China is thought to be the target of the move.
The Hill (4/17),  The Wall Street Journal (tiered subscription model) (4/17) 
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Two tech markets that might surprise you
When talking about the tech job market, the usual suspects come to mind: Silicon Valley, New York City, Seattle, and Boston. But one of the many insights that can be drawn about the U.S. tech workforce from this year's CompTIA Cyberstates report is that the tech world -- and the tech job market -- is as broad, varied and diverse a place as the country itself. CompTIA IT Career News has insights on two southern cities where the tech sector is thriving.
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