Business decisions benefit from diversity | Tips to boost employee retention | How to use LinkedIn to engage with prospective clients in real time
October 10, 2017
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Leadership and Management
Business decisions benefit from diversity
Inclusive decision-making often leads to faster, higher-quality choices and better business results, according to research from Cloverpop. However, many businesses still suffer from a lack of diversity, with all-male teams continuing to make a significant share of the decisions at large companies.
Forbes (9/21) 
Tips to boost employee retention
The employee turnover rate at restaurants hit 72% in 2015, and the high costs associated with hiring and training new employees make it necessary for eateries to focus on retention, writes Upserve's Paul Goetz. Operators can keep employees engaged by sharing feedback that helps them grow and showing staffers how they affect the company's finances, he writes.
FastCasual (10/2) 
Communications and Marketing
How to use LinkedIn to engage with prospective clients in real time
How to use LinkedIn to engage with prospective clients in real time
(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
LinkedIn now has an Active Status function that allows you to see when your connections are on the professional networking site, providing an opportunity for live chat with prospective clients. Kevin Nichols and Stephen Boswell of the Oechsli Institute explain how to effectively use the feature.
WealthManagement (9/27) 
Be true to yourself when giving speeches
You can improve your public speaking by learning from the competition, being real instead of overly rehearsed and looking at speeches as conversations, writes Nick Morgan.
Public Words (9/21) 
Technology Spotlight
Robots could be helpful in elder care
There are global efforts to develop robots that look and converse like people and act as health care aides or personal helpers to a growing elderly population. Robots could assist human staff and provide companionship for people in care facilities, and at home they could remind people to take medications or call for help in an emergency.
Forbes (10/4) 
Educational robots coming to some S.C. schools
Therapists and teachers across South Carolina will have access to educational robots for use with students who have autism. State education officials plan to test the robots for three years.
The Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.) (free registration) (9/30) 
Career Focus
Symposium connects female students, STEM professionals
The third annual Women in Science Symposium in Pennsylvania encouraged female high-school students to seek mentors and careers in science, technology, engineering and math. The event brought together women in various STEM-related fields to talk about the importance of STEM education and the roles they play as STEM leaders.
The News Eagle (Hawley, Pa.) (10/2) 
Fla. Tech receives $246M in software for STEM
The Florida Institute of Technology has received a $246 million in-kind donation of software from the industrial conglomerate Siemens to help students prepare for jobs in science, technology, engineering and math. The product life cycle management software is used in areas such as the automotive, aerospace and machinery sectors.
Florida Today (Melbourne) (tiered subscription model) (10/5),  WKMG-TV (Orlando, Fla.) (10/5) 
Global Watch
Strontium atoms, laser beams used to create precise atomic clock
The most precise atomic clock to date has been created by scientists at JILA. The quantum gas clock was made using chilled strontium atoms and laser beams, according to a study published in Science.
LiveScience (10/5) 
Revised NASA images show ice near Mars' equator, scientists say
Scientists say images taken by NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft show ice near the planet's equator, potentially providing a water supply for astronauts who may go there one day. Researchers reduced the blurring and improved the resolution of the images, taken between 2002 and 2009 by the craft's neutron spectrometer instrument.
HuffPost UK (10/2) 
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