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April 11, 2017
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Leadership and Management
Why HR needs leadership's support
HR needs authority and the support of top leadership to ensure employees' rights and welfare are protected, HR experts say. "I know people who have quit their jobs as senior HR managers because they see things going on at the company and don't have the support of senior management to address the issue," says MaryAnne Hyland, professor of HR management at Adelphi University.
Fast Company online (4/4) 
The key to diversity may start with childhood
Studies continue to reveal a confidence gap between men and women that begins at a young age, when girls are casually taught lessons that undermine their leadership aspirations. Organizations looking to boost gender equity in the workplace should begin by working with children to counteract these problematic milestones.
WBUR-FM (Boston) (4/4) 
Communications and Marketing
Data matters when it connects with your audience
Carmine Gallo discusses how you can present data in a way that connects with your audience rather than confuses or overwhelms. Two contexts he cites are an emergency disaster warning and an anecdote about Jack in the Box's sales.
Forbes (3/31) 
How introverts can be more expressive in meetings
Introverts should reflect before meetings on the topics that will be discussed so they feel prepared to offer input, writes Carol Stewart. Don't let fear cloud your thinking, and look for opportunities to practice your public speaking.
CNBC (4/5) 
Technology Spotlight
Robots could join Belgian airport security teams
Security officials at airports in Belgium and the Netherlands are testing Zorabots' Pepper robot to see if it can ease the workloads of security workers. "We are already working with the Dutch federal police for facial recognition and we are present in Schiphol airport, Amsterdam, and in the Ostend airport in Belgium," said Zorabots co-founder Tommy Deblieck.
New Europe (4/6) 
Broadband-linked robots provide lift for homebound students
Telepresence robots can give students who need to stay at home a major social and academic boost by making them feel a stronger connection to their peers, finds a study the University of California at Irvine is touting as a pioneering effort. "Just because these kids can't go to school doesn't mean they can't have a presence in the classroom," said Veronica Newhart, the study's author and a Ph.D. student.
University of California, Irvine (4/5) 
Career Focus
Can business partnerships increase STEM diversity?
To increase the number of minority students enrolling in science, technology, engineering and math programs, colleges and universities must partner with businesses to give students real-world experience, say education and business experts speaking at a recent forum at the National Science Foundation. Representatives from companies such as IBM and Northrop Grumman presented plans they are initiating with schools.
Diverse: Issues In Higher Education (4/5) 
3 tips to encourage girls to stick with STEM
Girls and young women can be inspired to pursue science, technology, engineering and math fields through strong academic preparation, leadership experience and empowering STEM activities, former educator Anne Jolly writes. Educators also can develop STEM initiatives that show girls how they can help to address real-world problems, Jolly suggests.
MiddleWeb (4/4) 
Global Watch
Atmosphere found around exoplanet about size of Earth
An atmosphere has been discovered for the first time around an exoplanet a little bigger than Earth, according to findings published in The Astrophysical Journal. GJ 1132b, which circles a dwarf star about 39 light-years away, is rocky, and its atmosphere could be made up of methane or water vapor.
Space.com (4/6) 
Shea caterpillars could help ease world's malnutrition woes, researchers say
Scientists are looking at ways to breed protein-rich, edible shea caterpillars so they are available year-round to help fight malnutrition in countries such as Burkina Faso, where the seasonal caterpillars are part of the local diet. "Shea caterpillars have the potential to help people break out of a cycle of poverty," said researcher Charlotte Payne, who is studying the caterpillar's life cycle.
BBC (4/7) 
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