US companies aim to profit from China's construction project | Russia sets out roadmap for BIM in capital projects | BIM capturing minds in Asian real estate
May 23, 2017
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Topping It Off
US companies aim to profit from China's construction project
China has said it expects to spend more than $1 trillion on its "One Belt, One Road" construction effort, and US firms are striving to get a portion of that money. Some companies are changing the way they do business to increase their odds of winning sales and contracts in China.
The New York Times (free-article access for SmartBrief readers) (5/14) 
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Simplify BIM management with Aconex
Aconex provides organizations with one project-wide, common data environment — inclusive of Connected BIM — to help you manage information across the project lifecycle to produce a single, fully connected project dataset from design, construction through to operations. Watch the 3-minute video.
BIM in the News
Russia sets out roadmap for BIM in capital projects
Russia sets out roadmap for BIM in capital projects
The Russian government announced the establishment of a road map to implement building information modeling across the entire life cycle of capital facilities. Over time, the use of the guidelines "will lead to the situation when the information modeling market and environment will become more systematic, and this will benefit all participants in the construction process," said Khamit Mavliyarov, deputy head of the Construction Ministry.
Construction RU (5/17) 
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BIM capturing minds in Asian real estate
Asia's real estate industry may be generally lagging in its adoption of new technologies, but there is enthusiasm for and quick uptake of building information modeling, according to attendees at the Second Asia Pacific Leadership Symposium in Hong Kong. "That's where the mojo is -- it's going to transform current practices," one participant said.
Enterprise Innovation (Asia) (5/16) 
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Advanced Construction Methods
Prefab now winning over designers
Prefabrication in construction is beginning to win some respectability. Designers are learning there's more possibility for creativity and efficiency than commonly believed, as indicated by Marriott International's adoption of the technology for some of its brands.
Construction Dive (5/18) 
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Floating concrete dry dock will be largest in Hawaii
A floating concrete dry dock was constructed in Indonesia and will be transported to Hawaii, where it will be used to lift ships as heavy as 10,472 tons. The dock was crafted with high-strength Grade 85 concrete and will be the largest in Hawaii.
MarineLink (5/12) 
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Construction Technology in Focus
How Europe's cities are getting smarter
How Europe's cities are getting smarter
Vienna (Alexander Koerner/Getty Images)
Europe's cities are some of the smartest in the world, using technology and innovation to boost convenience and efficiency while improving the quality of lives. Standout cities include Copenhagen, Denmark, which uses sensors and wireless data to reduce its carbon footprint; Vienna, with a solar energy initiative; and London, which has green construction efforts.
HuffPost (5/16) 
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Fiber-optic strands may keep an eye on infrastructure
Long fiber-optic strands incorporating thousands of sensing points are being developed to measure strain and temperature along vast expanses of infrastructure. Researchers at Spain's University of Alcala and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology are working on the technology, which could be used to detect changes in structures as measured by alterations in light moving along the fiber.
Daily Commercial News (Ontario) (5/19) 
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How builders, remodelers are finding leads via social media
How builders, remodelers are making an impression in social media
Social media is finally making big inroads in the construction industry. Katy Tomasulo reviews several ways builders and remodelers are leveraging Facebook and Instagram to increase their business, develop brand awareness and bring in leads.
Construction Dive (5/16) 
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Working Together
Just kidding: Humor at work
Using humor successfully at work takes courage and finesse. When it goes right, it can increase collaboration and communication, but when it goes wrong, it could cost you your reputation.
AICPA Insights (5/17) 
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BIMForum News
New ConstructorCast: "Construction's Case for Immigration Reform"
Listen to the latest ConstructorCast for an in-depth examination of immigration and what it means for the construction industry. For this episode, we sit down with Tamar Jacoby, president and CEO of ImmigrationWorks USA, and Ken Simonson, AGC's chief economist, for a rundown on how demographic changes and economic factors are propelling the need for reform in the US and what the Trump administration and Congress can do to help the industry. Stream or download the full episode!
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