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February 16, 2018
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China reports human case of H7N4 avian influenza
China reports human case of H7N4 avian influenza
(AFP/Getty Images)
A 68-year-old woman in southern China who was hospitalized for three weeks had H7N4 avian influenza, the first known case in a human. The Hong Kong Center for Health Protection said she caught the virus from a live chicken, and China's Ministry of Health said none of the 28 people who had contact with the woman have shown signs of infection.
National Public Radio (2/15),  CNN (2/15) 
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Reducing horses' fear improves equine veterinary care
Incorporating learning principles into equine veterinary care can eliminate problem behaviors and reduce reliance on sedation, save time, improve safety and improve equine welfare, says certified animal behaviorist Robin Foster. In a talk at the American Association of Equine Practitioners convention, Foster described how to reduce fear in horses by counterconditioning and reinforcing positive behavior.
The Horse (2/15) 
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Researchers seek genetic causes of abnormalities in calves
Researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Veterinary Diagnostic Center and Department of Animal Science are asking cattle producers to alert them to calves born with an unusual, undesirable phenotype such as a lethal type of dwarfism. Though some undesirable phenotypes may be caused by environmental or nutritional factors, some are genetic, and identifying novel genetic variants early can prevent further disruption in breeding programs.
The Fence Post (Colorado-Nebraska) (2/15) 
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Tick-borne bacteria might be more widespread than previously believed
Borrelia miyamotoi, a tick-borne disease similar to Lyme disease, might be present on both the East and West coasts, as well as Manitoba, Canada, researchers reported in PLOS ONE. Symptoms are similar to those of Lyme disease but may also include relapsing fever, and antibiotic treatment is highly effective, says study leader and physician Peter Krause.
Yale University (2/15) 
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Other News
Animal News
Seal pups migrate longer distances when winds rise
Northern seal pups that migrate from Alaska's Pribilof Islands at just 4 months old travel farther in windy years than in calmer weather, according to findings presented at the Ocean Sciences Meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Researchers tagged 168 seal pups and tracked their migration five different times between 1996 and 2015, noting the longer distances traveled when wind speeds rose, and they say those physically taxing migrations may explain why the population has been slow to recover after hunting was banned.
Science News (2/15) 
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Other News
Policy Watch
Veterinary telemedicine is expanding
Experts reviewed the field of veterinary telemedicine during the recent AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference, discussing rules and regulations, developments in the US and abroad, and how veterinarians can use the technology to expand their reach. The AVMA has been running telemedicine pilot studies, and a revised version of the AVMA's Model Veterinary Practice Act is open for comment through March 25.
JAVMA News (2/14) 
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AVMA, animal welfare society developing best practices for collaboration
Nonprofit animal shelters, rescue organizations and other welfare groups have begun to move beyond spay and neuter services, challenging conventional veterinary care models and potentially affecting perceptions of veterinary medicine. The AVMA Board of Directors staff is working with AVMA volunteer leadership and the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators to develop educational resources for the public and best practices for collaborating with nonprofits.
JAVMA News (2/14) 
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Around the Office
5 issues that affect retirement-savings needs
Retirement is a starting point, not a finish line, and savings goals should be based on ensuring comfort in this phase of life, writes financial adviser Justin Kumar. Factors to consider when setting savings goals include inflation, probable health care needs, Social Security income, life expectancy and target retirement age, Kumar writes.
Kiplinger online (2/13) 
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AVMA Today
Cannabis resource published for AVMA members
With many states allowing medicinal marijuana use in humans, and some allowing recreational use as well, it's important for veterinarians to understand the legal status of marijuana and the risks it can pose to patients. A new document available exclusively to AVMA members provides comprehensive background information that will help you understand the legal aspects of cannabis use in animals; field questions and advise clients who are interested in marijuana therapies for pets; and identify toxic exposures. Visit the AVMA@Work blog to learn more about this new cannabis resource for veterinarians.
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