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January 19, 2018
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Just Food for Dogs pulls cooked frozen food over listeria worries
California-based Just Food for Dogs recalled certain batches of its Turducken, Beef and Russet Potato, and Fish and Sweet Potato cooked frozen dog food after preliminary testing suggested an ingredient was contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.
Food Poisoning Bulletin (1/18) 
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Veterinarians continue providing care as Puerto Rico recovers from storm
Veterinarians continue providing care as Puerto Rico recovers from storm
(Ricardo Arduengo/AFP/Getty Images)
Water service has been restored in most of Puerto Rico, but cellular phone service and electricity remain out of commission in some areas, many gas stations and stores remain closed, and supplies take weeks to arrive at veterinary clinics. AVMA Board of Directors member Dr. Jose Arce and Puerto Rico Veterinary Medicine College President Dr. Walter Colon described how veterinarians are working with the community and compensating for shortages to care for the animals that remain after Hurricane Maria.
JAVMA News (1/18) 
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Thorough treatment prevents losses from cattle lice
Cattle lice, which are active from December through March, cost producers up to $125 million each year, according to the USDA, and every herd has some level of infestation, writes veterinarian A.J. Tarpoff. Treatment options include topical and injectable products, but the entire herd must be treated if reinfestation is to be avoided, Dr. Tarpoff writes.
Beef magazine online (1/18) 
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Avian influenza prevention zone extended throughout England
UK Chief Veterinary Officer Nigel Gibbens said a local avian influenza prevention zone has been extended throughout England, requiring all farmers to cover their ponds with netting to deter wild birds from their properties. Veterinarians suspect that 13 dead wild birds had an H5N6 strain of influenza that has been circulating in Europe but is different from the H5N6 variant that affected people in China last year.
The Telegraph (London) (tiered subscription model) (1/18) 
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$50M donation allows Ore. State to expand veterinary hospital
Oregon State University renamed its veterinary medicine college in honor of Gary Carlson, an OSU alumnus who donated $50 million, allowing the university to expand the Small ­Animal Hospital to 12,600 square feet and create an ­endowment for ­veterinary medicine instructors. Carlson, who is a physician, said pets give people "a ­special comfort and support that allows us to embrace life more fully," and he made the donation to "enrich that ­experience and help us better understand and care for our 'best friends.'"
The Register-Guard (Eugene, Ore.) (1/18) 
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Map shows regional variation in veterinary job market
A map depicting the number of applicants for each veterinarian job opening posted on the AVMA's Veterinary Career Center in 2016 sheds light on local veterinary labor markets. AVMA statistical analyst Charlotte Hansen suggests veterinarians seeking a job look in areas where the map shows fewer applicants per job.
JAVMA News (1/18) 
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Other News
New product provides bivalent CIV coverage
Help protect your canine patients from infection with both known canine influenza virus (CIV) strains: H3N2 and H3N8. VANGUARD® CIV H3N2/H3N8 is the new bivalent CIV vaccine with demonstrated safety and efficacy. LEARN MORE>>
Animal News
Sick Amur leopard had canine distemper
Sick Amur leopard had canine distemper
(Hendrik Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images)
A 2-year-old Amur leopard found exhibiting strange behavior in 2015 near Russia's Land of the Leopard National Park had canine distemper virus, researchers reported in the Journal of Wildlife Diseases. Only about 60 Amur leopards remain in the wild, and species whose populations are declining are vulnerable to disease outbreaks.
LiveScience (1/17) 
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Policy Watch
Federal budget proposals underfund biomedical research infrastructure
The 2018 federal budget will set funding levels for critical medical research infrastructure, determining whether promising research is supported at levels that produce breakthroughs and maintain US leadership in innovation, writes Claire Pomeroy, president of the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation. Current proposals leave the NIH's purchasing power below prior levels and fail to adequately support other institutions on which biomedical innovation depends, including the CDC, National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency and Agriculture Department, Pomeroy writes.
The Hill (1/16) 
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Around the Office
Healthy, positive workplace can inspire employee loyalty
Companies should develop a positive, healthy workplace to bolster recruitment and retention efforts instead of just offering perks, such as yoga classes or catered meals, that may not inspire corporate loyalty, says Paul McDonald of the global staffing firm Robert Half. Employees value a competitive pay package and respect for a healthy work-life balance, McDonald says.
Workforce online (1/15) 
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AVMA Today
Questions about diabetes in pets? The AVMA has answers
Diabetes in pets is a manageable condition if it is detected early and managed with the help of your veterinarian. With proper monitoring, treatment, diet and exercise, diabetic pets can lead long and happy lives. Visit the AVMA website to learn more about diabetes in pets, including information on warning signs of diabetes and how to care for diabetic pets.
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