Timeline: 10 years until fully automated construction? | When you talk robotics, which type are you looking to add? | 2018 to be an eventful year in space
January 17, 2018
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Timeline: 10 years until fully automated construction?
Timeline: 10 years until fully automated construction?
(Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Nick Herdsman contends that recent advances in lidar, prefab construction and other technologies mean construction could be fully automated in 10 years. He offers a timeline of how that process could evolve and urges contractors to start now to retrain crews.
ForConstructionPros (1/10) 
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When you talk robotics, which type are you looking to add?
Manufacturers have several types of industrial robots available, depending upon the function for which they're needed, writes Tom Stevic of Process Plus. Factors to evaluate include "[l]oad, orientation, speed, travel, precision, environment and duty cycle," he writes.
Control Design (1/12) 
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2018 to be an eventful year in space
The new year is shaping up as a promising one for rocketry and space exploration. Among the coming events are this month's expected launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket, an attempt by India to land a rover on the moon in March and NASA's latest Explorer mission, which could launch as early as May, delivering the rover to the red planet in November.
New Atlas (1/12) 
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Bringing the IoT to the home and the factory
The internet of things will see more implementation in homes and industrial facilities this year, this analysis notes. IDC forecasts IoT spending around the world will reach $772.5 billion in 2018, a 14.6% increase from last year's $674 billion.
Semiconductor Engineering (1/10) 
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AT&T will track traffic, infrastructure with smart city tech
AT&T detailed its smart cities monitoring program Tuesday, saying sensors on its network will track the structural soundness of roads, bridges and railways as well as help manage traffic flow and direct drivers to open parking spots. The telecom also updated its vision of how the internet of things will interact with its FirstNet emergency services network.
CNET (1/9) 
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Hands-on science in a digital world
Science education is no longer confined to the pages of a textbook. Students are interacting with science concepts through physical objects and digital platforms, and using this knowledge to solve real-world issues. Get insights for making this work in your classroom in this SmartFocus on Hands-on Science.
Trends in Education
Guidelines proposed for middle-skill jobs training
Guidelines proposed for middle-skill jobs training
(Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
The US Congress Joint Economic Committee has released a set of guidelines to help shape programs that train students for middle-skill jobs. The guidelines, outlined in a report released this week, include weighing industry-specific skills with those that might apply to a broader workforce need.
Education Week (tiered subscription model) (1/11) 
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4 reasons retraining has failed
4 reasons retraining has failed
The US has a serious skills gap, particularly for middle-skill jobs, and government retraining has failed to keep pace, Jeffrey Selingo writes. Selingo details four trends that have kept workers from pursuing retraining and that have discouraged some men from rejoining the workforce.
The Atlantic online (1/8) 
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States realizing the value of technical education
States are increasingly supporting technical education and efforts by businesses and educators to raise awareness of manufacturing job opportunities, Peter Mancini of CNC Software writes. He asserts that nontechnical career paths, such as graphic arts and HR, also have a place in manufacturing.
Advanced Manufacturing Media (1/8) 
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Tips for building a cybersecurity culture
Recent spikes in security threats have signaled the need for a new organizational culture that bridges cybersecurity and business operations. Get tips for overhauling your environment in this SmartFocus on Cybersecurity in Business Operations. Experts from Virginia Tech share tips for getting all users on board with maintaining the integrity of data assets.
Career Development
Tips for kicking off a job search when you're busy
Busy professionals should make sure they know and can communicate their career stories before they start a job search, writes Jenny Foss. After that, it's important to construct a detailed plan, optimize LinkedIn and other social media profiles and set aside blocks of time to dedicate to the job search.
The Muse (1/9) 
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A weekly plan for kick-starting your job search
Job seekers who want quick results should spend the first few days of their search researching companies, tweaking their resumes and reconnecting with networking partners, writes Heather Huhman. Make sure you've cleaned up your social media accounts, and use Sundays to set goals for the next week.
Glassdoor (1/8) 
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The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
George Bernard Shaw,
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