Trump unclear how hard he will fight for infrastructure bill | Ultra-precise atomic clock to be next Falcon Heavy payload | Feds organize conference to aid autonomous vehicle development
February 14, 2018
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Trump unclear how hard he will fight for infrastructure bill
The Trump administration is looking to Congress to fill in the gaps of its $1.5 trillion infrastructure investment plan, but that effort could face an uphill battle. The plan primarily relies on cuts to existing expenditures to pay for it, and Trump indicated he was not willing to battle hard to get the measure passed.
Reuters (2/12),  Bloomberg (free registration) (2/12),  Politico (2/12),  The Hill (2/12) 
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Ultra-precise atomic clock to be next Falcon Heavy payload
The next payload for SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket will be the ultra-precise Deep Space Atomic Clock, according to Jet Propulsion Laboratory officials. The clock, which will be launched sometime in June, is expected to help spacecraft in deep space make precise calculations for course corrections.
LiveScience (2/8) 
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Feds organize conference to aid autonomous vehicle development
The US Transportation Department has announced a March 1 conference to "identify priority federal and non-federal activities that can accelerate the safe rollout" of autonomous vehicles. The event will also include automakers, technology companies and road safety advocates.
Reuters (2/9) 
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Mozilla to release IoT open gateway
Mozilla will release an open gateway for the internet of things through its Project Things effort. Mozilla's Web of Things Gateway will enable users to replace brand-name connected home devices with an open device.
TechCrunch (2/7),  ZDNet (2/6) 
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Researchers: Terahertz, not 5G, is bandwidth solution
Researchers are touting shorter-wavelength terahertz frequencies as a better delivery system for data than millimeter-wave-based 5G networks, saying 5G will fail to keep up with the demand for bandwidth created by the internet of things. They published their findings in APL Photonics.
Network World (2/8) 
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Making science stick
Hands-on learning in the science classroom sets objects and concepts within a real-world context. Students connect theory to experience and learning sticks. Get more insights on effective science instruction from the Smithsonian's Carol O'Donnell in this SmartFocus on Hands-on Science.
Trends in Education
Calif. plan calls for online community college program
Calif. plan calls for online community college program
California Gov. Jerry Brown is seeking funding to launch an online community college program that lets students earn certificates and badges in high-demand fields, such as health care and manufacturing. Some faculty groups are pushing back, saying the plan segregates students ill-prepared to succeed in an online environment into a "virtual ghetto."
CALmatters (Sacramento, Calif.) (2/8) 
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Researchers study programs that boost student success
Low-income students enrolled in the Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge program at the City University of New York earn more money in their late 20s and 30s than academically similar students from wealthier backgrounds, a new study finds. Such programs offer additional support, financial aid and counseling, but researchers say more study is needed to determine which factors are key for specific student groups.
The Hechinger Report (2/5) 
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Report considers outcomes for first-generation students
A new report from the US Education Department shows that students who are the first in their family to attend college are more likely to drop out after three years. The data also show that first-generation students were more likely to initially enroll in two-year public schools than were students whose parents attended college.
The Plain Dealer (Cleveland) (2/8) 
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Career Development
How to ask for a raise
If you want a salary increase, you need to ask for it, says executive coach Jean Stafford. Do research to assess whether you're asking at the right time and following the right processes, and be prepared with evidence supporting the reasons you deserve a raise.
The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (2/12) 
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What to say when you're underqualified
If you lack relevant skills or experience in a job interview, acknowledge your shortcoming and explain how you plan to address it, says HR expert Barry Drexler. Provide examples of similar skills or experience and reiterate that you are willing to learn.
CNBC (2/8) 
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A ship should not ride on a single anchor, nor life on a single hope.
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