Why compassion can be a plus for female leaders | Most managers don't know what motivates employees | How can leaders find a healthy balance?
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March 24, 2017
ASCD K-12 Leadership Brief
An ASCD SmartBrief supplement for K-12 administrators
Management & Leadership
Why compassion can be a plus for female leaders
Why compassion can be a plus for female leaders
Female leaders may benefit organizations by bringing compassion and empathy to difficult decisions, according to Stefanie Phillips, superintendent of California's Santa Ana Unified School District. With a background in corporate finance, Phillips took on her current role in 2016, joining the fewer than 25% of superintendents across the country who are women.
Education Dive (3/22) 
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Most managers don't know what motivates employees
There is a disconnect between what managers believe motivates employees and what actually motivates them, writes Susan Fowler. Managers will often ascribe their motivations and beliefs to others, she notes, and oftentimes organizational constructs prevent managers from directly affecting pay, title or bonuses.
SmartBrief/Leadership (3/22) 
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Other News
Preparing Students for PreK-12 Math Assessments
Most educators and parents have watched a child suffer from assessment-related anxiety. For some children, the reactions can be extreme and physiological. To empower teachers and support students, we've put together a guide, entitled "Ready, Set, Win: Preparing Students and Their Parents for PreK-12 Math Assessments".
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Career & Recruiting
How policies, training can reduce STEM teacher shortage
To increase the number of teachers in science, technology, engineering and math, schools must revise policies and provide more training and professional development for educators, research suggests. Researchers also found that STEM-specific training as part of teacher certification may help to produce a high-quality STEM teaching workforce.
eSchool News (free registration) (3/23) 
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Strategic connections can boost networking benefits online
Maximize the benefits of your networking efforts by joining groups that are relevant to you and congratulating your connections on career milestones via LinkedIn, writes career coach Hallie Crawford. Connecting with strategic new peers outside of your company will help you build relationships that matter.
U.S. News & World Report (3/21) 
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Other News
Health Science Career Prep with VR
From medical training to clinical practice, virtual reality technology is taking medicine to exciting new heights. Doctors at institutions like Stanford are using virtual reality imaging in practice. Read the SmartFocus today to learn how VR is impacting the education world.
Technology & Tools
Study: E-readers tied to less frequent reading
The greater access students have to electronic reading devices, such as iPads and mobile phones, the less likely they are to read, according to a recent study by Murdoch University lecturer Margaret Merga. Findings also show that frequent readers prefer paper books.
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) (3/21) 
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Policy & Research
How personalizing homework can engage students
Research supports the importance of autonomy in learning, writes Cathy Vatterott, author and professor of education at the University of Missouri at St. Louis. Personalizing homework and allowing students to create assignments that excite them can help them take ownership of their education, she explains.
Educational Leadership (3/2017) 
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Grammar instruction that students want
Teaching grammar in context may be an antidote to a one-size-fits-all, rule-repetition approach to grammar; but simply teaching grammar attached to whatever text your class is reading can be just as tedious for students. Why not use students' everyday communication to practice sophisticated grammar concepts? Here's how to retool grammar instruction for relevance and draw on students' intuitive linguistic expertise. Read now.
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Solving the problem of "teaching to the middle"
For innovative teaching practices to be successful, they must be linked to real problems of practice. See how a teacher leverages personalization, with differentiated learning stations supported by technology, to move from teaching to the middle to teaching all students. Find links to other schools having success in their shift to more personalized learning. Read now.
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