Schools teach empathy with help from babies | Summer camp promotes learning in global era | Students compete in global geography contest
July 10, 2018
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Schools teach empathy with help from babies
Schools teach empathy with help from babies
A Canadian nonprofit organisation that started a programme in 1996 to promote empathy in schools by exposing students to babies has spread its approach to 11 countries. Babies are brought to schools by their parents or guardians, and students learn to recognise the baby's feelings and apply them to empathy lessons in the classroom and beyond.
NationSwell (7/9) 
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Summer camp promotes learning in global era
Academically gifted students from South Korea are attending a summer camp in Michigan in the US to prepare them to learn in a "global era." While at the camp, students will work on their English, and take classes in engineering, technology and blacksmithing.
WLUC-TV (Negaunee, Mich.) (7/9) 
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Students compete in global geography contest
Two brothers from Virginia in the US are preparing to compete in the International Geography Bee World Championships in Germany this week. During the event, students will answer questions related to geography, culture, current events, history and politics.
WJLA-TV (Washington, D.C.) (7/9) 
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Globally Minded Leadership
Use the summer to refresh project-based lessons
Educators can spend their summer reviewing and revising their project-based lessons and identifying ideas for new projects for the coming school year, writes instructional coach Andrew Miller. In this blog post, he outlines strategies teachers can use to improve their lesson plans.
Edutopia online (7/9) 
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Commentary: Open up UK schools to international teachers
Teaching is a global industry, and colleges in the UK should be free to recruit international educators, asserts Emma Meredith, international director at the Association of Colleges. In this commentary, she discusses the reasons her organisation supports the #LetThemTeach campaign.
TES (UK) (7/9) 
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Education News from Around the World
Global Education Policy & Research
Almost 5% of Toronto residents don't speak English, French
Nearly 5% of the population living in Canada's largest city, Toronto, cannot speak either English or French, the country's official languages. A Social Planning Toronto report highlighted this 2016 census data, which also showed that women and girls make up nearly 60% of people who can't speak the languages.
Global News Online (Toronto) (7/9) 
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The Power of STEAM Education and Teacher Resource Availability
STEAM Education in the modern world continues to drive society forward. From the most fundamental principles to the intricate world of innovative technology, today's students need exposure to these important subjects. Teachers must have access to the right tools and resources that will help society continue to progress and prosper.
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Why this leader puts fears first
Fear is the first obstacle to communication. By using a scripting strategy before potentially challenging conversations with students, teachers and families, an assistant principal acknowledges the fears that can derail communication and relationships. Addressing fears first helps him better serve the emotional needs that support all learning.
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