Will Ofsted report lead to less play in early learning? | How Singapore approaches STEM teaching, learning | Students in South Korea to learn coding from robots
16 January 2018
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Learning and Teaching
Will Ofsted report lead to less play in early learning?
Ofsted recently published a report calling for more focus on reading and maths in early learning. The report has drawn criticism from some, including experts in early-years education, parents and teachers, who say the report could result in less play-based learning in Year One programmes.
The Guardian (London) (16 Jan.) 
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How Singapore approaches STEM teaching, learning
Singapore has been recognised for student success on the Collaborative Problem Solving component of the Programme for International Student Assessment, notes maths and science teacher Alexander Kmicikewycz. In this blog post, he credits Singapore's STEM ALP course for contributing to the success and offers takeaways for others.
Education Week (tiered subscription model) (11 Jan.) 
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Other News
Online Learning at Harvard for PreK-12 Educators
Professional Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education is pleased to offer the fall series of online workshops for preK–12 educators. Grounded in day-to-day teaching and leadership practice, these workshops are designed with flexibility and accessibility in mind. Learn more.
Professional Leadership
Australian state raises bar for teachers
Fewer students in Victoria, Australia, are pursuing degrees in teaching since the state published new standards for seeking the credential. Victorian Education Minister James Merlino says the higher standard will help to raise the bar for teaching and learning.
The Age (Melbourne, Australia) (16 Jan.) 
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Earn a Degree Online in International Education
Whether it's studying abroad or peace and justice that interests you, Drexel University's online MS in Global & International Education provides the opportunity to learn while living in the communities you seek to impact. Become part of our global community of change agents and leaders. Start today.
Regional Spotlight
ASCD Worldwide Edition SmartBrief highlights education practices and policies in specific regions to give readers more in-depth insight into that country or region's education system. This edition focuses on Japan.
Japan's Ministry of Education considers testing culture
Research shows the current testing culture in Japan can have negative effects on students' mental and emotional states. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is planning to transform the country's university-admissions assessment and approach to career preparation.
The Atlantic online (13 Jan.) 
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Hands-on science in a digital world
Science education is no longer confined to the pages of a textbook. Students are interacting with science concepts through physical objects and digital platforms, and using this knowledge to solve real-world issues. Get insights for making this work in your classroom in this SmartFocus on Hands-on Science.
Reform and Research
Kenya education pilot focuses on workforce needs
Students could see more emphasis on science, technology, engineering and maths as well as skills and vocational training in schools under a new pilot programme. The changes aim to better prepare students for the job market.
Voice of America (12 Jan.) 
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India seeks better digital education in schools
India's Central Advisory Board of Education is taking steps via Operation Digital Board to improve digital education in schools, said Minister of Human Resource Development Prakash Javadekar. "This will offer new opportunities and new ways of teaching and learning to schools," he said.
The Hindu (India) (16 Jan.) 
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Other News
Webinar: Multiple Intelligences: A New Look at an Old Theory
Join Thomas Armstrong, author of "Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom" for a live webinar on Jan. 18 at 3 p.m. ET. Armstrong will highlight the new chapters from the latest edition and explore how multiple intelligences theory can contribute to better personalization programs, deeper use of learning technologies, and more positive ways of helping neurodiverse populations.
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Avoid the forbidden fruitlessness of feedback
If your idea of hell is a stack of ungraded essays, take heed. A high-school English teacher shares his formula for getting students to do the work of reviewing, reflecting, researching and revising during the feedback process so that he can focus on reinforcing their new learning.
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