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July 13, 2018
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What effect has the Common Core had on scores?
What effect has the Common Core had on scores?
Many states have changed their academic standards in response to the Common Core State Standards, but that has not necessarily led to improved performance, says Dan Hamlin, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. In this Q&A, Hamlin discusses his research on the Common Core backlash among states as well as the disconnect between improved standards and improved student test scores.
District Administration magazine online (7/13) 
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District designs curriculum around careers
An Illinois school district has adopted a project-based curriculum focused on preparing students for future careers. Younger students begin by exploring human services careers, then are introduced to technical careers by sixth grade, preparing them to attend the district's career academies in high school.
Edutopia online (7/11) 
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Other News
Transformational Leadership
Educator: Support students by listening to them
One of the keys to establishing an effective learning environment is ensuring that students feel heard, asserts Beth Pandolpho, a high-school English teacher in New Jersey. In this blog post, she offers several ways to get students talking and offers tips to help teachers show students they are listening.
Edutopia online (7/12) 
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Chicago schools embrace personalized learning, principal says
Educators in Chicago are working to improve outcomes for students through personalized learning, asserts Lisa Epstein, an elementary-school principal. In this commentary, she shares how the approach gives students more autonomy over their own education and creates opportunities for teachers to collaborate.
Chalkbeat/Chicago (7/12) 
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Technology in the Classroom
Teacher: Tips for using Quizlet in lessons
Teacher: Tips for using Quizlet in lessons
(Nicholas Kamm/Getty Images)
The web and phone-based tool, Quizlet, has helped middle-school teacher Michael Snead boost test scores, tailor learning for students with special needs and keep students engaged. In this commentary, Snead shares five ways to use the tool -- both in and out of the classroom.
eSchool News (7/12) 
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Managing Budgets
Organization suggests tax credit for teachers
Organization suggests tax credit for teachers
(Ralph Freso/Getty Images)
Teachers who work in high-poverty schools should be eligible for a federal tax credit that could raise their salaries by as much as $10,000 annually, according to a proposal by the Center for American Progress. The proposal comes amid nationwide protests over teacher pay, which has not kept up with the cost of living in some states.
Education Week (tiered subscription model) (7/13) 
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Policy Watch
ESSA plans from California, Utah are approved
The US Department of Education has approved plans from California and Utah to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act. The only state now without an approved plan is Florida.
EdSource (7/12),  Deseret News (Salt Lake City) (7/12) 
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Other News
Faculty Lounge
Data point to college-access gap
Overall, about 70% of students who were part of a federal longitudinal study starting in 2009 were enrolled in either a two- or four-year college by 2016. However, when dividing the students into three socioeconomic groups, the researchers found that 56% of students from the lowest group had enrolled in college, compared with 90% of students from the highest group, suggesting an access gap for students with lower socioeconomic status.
Inside Higher Ed (7/12) 
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Webinar: STEM by Choice
In this informative webinar, ASCD's STEM by Choice, master teachers Douglas Hodum and Tammie Schrader will share how educators can use the ASCD STEM by Choice Universal Guide in their grades 6-12 STEM classrooms and schools. The ASCD STEM by Choice Universal Guide aims to support STEM integration in classrooms using Spark 101 STEM Skills Videos. July 24, 3:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.
3 ways to create a schoolwide focus on innovation
How can school leaders nurture and grow their school's potential for design thinking? To embrace a culture of innovation, consider the different roles school community members can play in reinforcing design-oriented behaviors and mindsets, re-framing assignments with a design lens, and supporting highly visible, design-focused events or projects. Empowering your school community to try out design thinking and learn by doing is the first step.
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