EU-Japan strike major deal in agri-food trade | Study: PUFAs may cut risk of allergies, asthma in teenagers | Exercise changes molecular structure of fat tissue, study finds
December 13, 2017
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Industry Update
EU-Japan strike major deal in agri-food trade
The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement will be a boon to agri-food businesses throughout Europe and open "huge market opportunities" on both sides, according to the European Commission. Europe's food sector is expected to benefit greatly from access to Japan's 127 million consumers.
FoodNavigator (12/11) 
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Food, Nutrition & Health
Study: PUFAs may cut risk of allergies, asthma in teenagers
Children who consumed higher amounts of long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids starting at age 8 had reduced risks of developing asthma and allergies by the time they reached 16, according to a new study. Researchers also found that children with high levels of arachidonic acid had a lower risk of developing rhinitis and asthma as they aged.
NutraIngredients (12/11) 
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Exercise changes molecular structure of fat tissue, study finds
Even short bursts of exercise can alter the molecular composition of fat tissue in a way that benefits metabolic health, a new study has found. Researchers compared fat samples before and after exercise and found increases in genetic activity related to improved blood flow and reduced inflammation.
The New York Times (free-article access for SmartBrief readers) (12/6) 
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UK food-makers must take steps on acrylamide
Food manufacturers will need to include practical steps for managing acrylamide in their food safety management systems under the new EU acrylamide regulation, effective April 11. In response to the regulation, the Institute of Food Science & Technology has updated its Information Statement on Acrylamide in Foods, noting that the EU will "continually refine the benchmark levels in light of reduction strategies and new monitoring data."
BakeryAndSnacks (France) (12/8) 
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Other News
Science, Trends & Technology
GM omega-3 canola oil deemed safe for salmon feed
A series of trials performed by the Norwegian organization Nofima have found that genetically modified canola oil is safe for use in salmon feed and produces similar health and growth outcomes when compared to fish oil-derived fatty acids.
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Researchers use liquid chromatography, data fusion to trace palm oil
Spanish researchers have developed a faster, more accurate method to determine palm oil country origin. The method is the first to combine liquid chromatography with chemometric and data fusion strategies.
FoodNavigator (12/7) 
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Five most-read INFORM articles in 2017
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