Survey shows uptick in companies offering parental leave | On-the-spot mindfulness defuses workplace stress | Regular exercise may slow effects of Parkinson's disease
March 28, 2017
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Survey shows uptick in companies offering parental leave
Data from the National Study of Employers show the number of companies with parental leave benefits is increasing past 2012 levels, following a drop after the recession, but remains less than 85%. The survey, conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management and The Families and Work Institute, found a decrease in the number of employers allowing the use of flex time during the work day, but increased use of telework.
Employee Benefit News (3/27) 
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On-the-spot mindfulness defuses workplace stress
On-the-spot mindfulness diffuses workplace stress
General Mills, Google, Intel, the Marines and the Seattle Seahawks have implemented mindfulness meditation to ease stress in the workforce. One form of meditation well-suited for the workplace is on-the-spot mindfulness intervention, which is a shorter period of mindfulness than the typical one-hour session and applies to a specific situation.
INSEAD Knowledge (3/27) 
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Webinar: Innovative employee health approaches
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Regular exercise may slow effects of Parkinson's disease
Parkinson's disease patients who got regular exercise totaling at least 150 minutes per week showed slower declines in mobility and health-related quality of life over two years, compared with those who did not exercise or who exercised less. The study in the Journal of Parkinson's Disease said exercise can be especially beneficial for patients with advanced disease. (3/24) 
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Health News & Research
Study: People report having arthritis at younger ages
Data show people born in the generations following World War II reported getting arthritis at a younger age, which Canadian researchers said could be associated with increases in obesity. The study in Arthritis Care & Research showed severely obese people were 2.5 times more likely to have arthritis, compared with people at normal weight.
CNN (3/7),  MedPage Today (free registration) (3/27) 
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Breastfeeding may reduce hyperactivity risk, study says
A study in Pediatrics found breastfeeding infants for at least six months reduced the risk they would be hyperactive as toddlers, when compared with not breastfeeding. Researchers said, however, breastfeeding was not associated with improved cognitive outcomes in children.
National Public Radio (3/27) 
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Gastric acid suppressants may raise risk of recurrent C. diff
A study in JAMA Internal Medicine found the incidence of recurrent Clostridium difficile infection may be reduced if people stopped taking unnecessary gastric acid suppressants. Researchers said there was a 22.1% risk of recurrent CDI in patients on gastric acid suppressants, compared with a 17.3% risk for those who were not taking them.
Healio (free registration) (3/27) 
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Study links mindfulness during pregnancy with better mood
A study found higher levels of mindfulness among pregnant women at 22 weeks gestation were associated with better mood and less depression, along with a 12% lower risk of having an underweight baby. The study had pregnant women fill out questionnaires on mindfulness and mood at 22 and 32 weeks during pregnancy and at one week after birth. (3/23) 
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Black youths more likely to require emergency asthma interventions
Researchers examined 2004 to 2013 data involving 1,826 ambulance-treated asthma attacks among youths ages 5 to 18 in Houston and found that most cases were among blacks. The findings in the Journal of School Health also showed a twofold, threefold and fivefold higher likelihood of ambulance-treated asthma attacks in high-rate high schools, middle schools and elementary schools, respectively, compared with other school zones.
Healio (free registration)/Infectious Diseases in Children (3/27) 
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Schools & Community
7 Wash. schools launch supper program
Students at seven schools in a Washington state school district now have access to after-school meals. The free suppers are intended to help curb hunger among students who stay after school and those who may not receive an evening meal at home.
The Columbian (Vancouver, Wash.) (3/27) 
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Wellness Industry Developments
Health plan innovators focus on clinical outcomes
Health plans realize the next wave of innovations will be system-wide and evidence-driven, where payer, provider, care management, and disease management work together for an individual's clinical outcomes. Read more.
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Video: Establishing and Sustaining an Asthma Management Program
Curious about how your organization can establish a sustainable asthma management program? In a new video featuring health plans and community organizations, understand how to identify the need for an asthma management program, direct resources, and overcome barriers. Learn more on this and other topics in a series of videos at
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