Antarctic research hub needs renovations | Search for missing plane creates detailed sea-floor maps | "Climate refugees" could face unclear legal framework

July 20, 2017
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Antarctic research hub needs renovations
Antarctic research hub needs renovations
Penguin near McMurdo Station (Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)
The infrastructure at McMurdo Station, a main US hub for scientists conducting research in Antarctica, is deteriorating, and new vessels capable of breaking through the ice are needed. Fixing aging buildings and building new icebreakers will carry a hefty price tag, however, and the funding is uncertain.
The New York Times (free-article access for SmartBrief readers) (7/17) 
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Search for missing plane creates detailed sea-floor maps
Detailed sea-floor maps created during the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean could be valuable for scientists and the fishing industry, said Charitha Pattiaratchi, a professor of coastal oceanography. "It is estimated that only 10 to 15 percent of the world's oceans have been surveyed with the kind of technology used in the search for MH370," said Stuart Minchin of Geoscience Australia.
Reuters (7/19) 
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"Climate refugees" could face unclear legal framework
The Kuna people, who live on islands off the coast of Panama, could be become "climate refugees" as sea-level rise and severe storms threaten the archipelago. About 200 million people could be displaced by climate change by 2050, but it is unclear what their status would be under international law.
Motherboard (7/14) 
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Research, Education and Global Change
Life expectancy growth in England is slowing
Average life expectancy in England is increasing at a slower rate since 2010, according to Michael Marmot of University College London. This could be related to cuts in austerity programs and decreased spending on health and social care in England, he said.
New Scientist (free content) (7/18) 
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Professor examines world's language diversity
Language diversity has played an important role in human interaction, but little is known about the factors that shape it, writes Colorado State University associate professor Michael Gavin. In this commentary, he discusses an experiment to simulate language diversity maps for Australia, and why even that model may not explain how language diversity patterns were shaped around the world.
The Conversation (U.S.) (7/16) 
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Other News
5 Security Tips for Working on Your Personal Device
Finance moves fast, and the ability to work from anywhere on your smartphone or laptop could be a game-changer. But can your personal devices ever be secure enough to manage your clients' sensitive financial data? Surprisingly, this informative whitepaper shows that, with the right preparation, using your personal device can actually help you keep your organization more secure. Read More

Technology and Applications
Satellites provide visual record of ice shelf's split
Satellite imagery and the availability of data from various space agencies allowed researchers to track the calving of the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica in nearly real time. A NASA satellite and a thermal sensor on two other satellites caught the massive ice chunk's final breakaway.
Popular Science (7/14) 
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Other News
Association News
AAG Releases New Edition of Guide to Geography Programs in the Americas
The AAG's Guide to Geography Programs in the Americas, or The Guide, includes detailed information on undergraduate and graduate geography programs in the United States, Canada and Latin America, including degree requirements, curricula, faculty qualifications, program specialties, financial assistance, and degrees completed. The 2016-2017 edition of The Guide is now available for free online at The AAG has also published an interactive companion map where users can search for programs by location, degree type, field of interest and regional focus. Learn more.
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Student Opportunities
Geography students, are you looking for the perfect opportunity to advance your career? The Student Opportunities section of AAG's Jobs and Careers page is a strong source for graduate assistantships, postdoc positions and internships. Return to the page often, as new positions are constantly being added. Also available are great resources to help you prepare for your career, analyze salary data and trends, attend special events, learn about what other geographers are doing and locate geography programs. Learn more.
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